Paint.NET V3 looks great

I sometimes wonder how I do it, but in the middle of Tech·Ed I found the time to look at the third alpha release of Paint.NET. And I must say, it looks really good. The gradient effect, or rather the user interface to it, blows Photoshop out of the water. Those handles work really well, and not just on this effect by the way. The line/curve tool has them too, and I hope Rick adds them to the rectangle and ellipse and what have you tools as well. The Freeform Shape tool could use a bit of reworking along those lines too.

It looks like the plug-in API didn’t change, or at least my old plug-ins are still working. (reminder to self:) I need to check that out a bit further and maybe talk to Rick, because I believe there is room for improvement in that area, both in terms of functionality as well as performance.

But don’t get me wrong: this tool is great, and I encourage everybody who has ever touched up a photograph or made a drawing to download it and have a look. It’s good, fast, cheap on memory usage and cheap on money too (free!). You can even download the (C#) source in case you’re interested.


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