First day at Tech·Ed

It’s been an exciting day today at Tech·Ed.

I went to see Mike Pelton’s session on WPF, and I felt like a kid in a toy store, saying “Mammy, I want that too!”. It really looks nice, very developer friendly and powerful. This will definitely change the nature of Windows applications. And I don’t think it will just impact games and little nice tools that your grandma uses to burn DVD’s. The ease with which you can compose user interfaces will have a profound impact on business applications too, even if those don’t need the fancy graphics and 3D animations. That good old combobox will never look the same again.

The other session that was really impressive was the one on LINQ by Anders Hejlsberg. I had read about LINQ and knew it would be impressive, but the power of this thing was still amazing. I guess it’s a bit like a chainsaw, sometimes you need one but you don’t give it your kids to play with, too dangerous. But the thing is, if you handle it carefully, its’ a real powertool that can save you many hours of work. Especially if, like mine, most of your applications have that database in the back and add lots of XML to the mix.

Tomorrow will bring even more LINQ and WPF, but first I have to go to a party. Talk to you later.

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